Model DPP-250,140 Flat-Plate Full-Automatic Al-Plastic Bubble Cap Packing Machine


   Model DPP-250 Flat-Plate Full-Automatic Al-Plastic Bubble Cap Packing Machine is an improved high-precision unit newly launched by our factory. With adoption of advanced technology of foreign machines and absorption of their characteristics, this machine is designed to be the fifth generation packing machine by us according to practical status of China. It is awarded State Patent and Gold Prize of the Third Beijing Patent Tec-hnologies & Products Fair.
   Model DPP - 140 Full-Automatic Al-Plastic Packing Machine is a product first inno-vated by our factory. Since it was put on market in 1994, this product has been sold in various places of China and has found market in southeastern Asia and Hong Kong. Upon demand for market product and purchasing intent in the previous years, our factory, based on structure and working principle of Model DPP-250 unit, has inaugurated a new generation of medicine packing machine with novel design in the new century.


   Processes of heat-sealing, material feeding and traction are equipped with pneumatic control of cylinder to ensure lengthening of service life of machine
   Guide rail feeder may be equipped to allow rate of filling to be 99.9%
   Mould pin locating is possible to make exchange of mould easy and accurate
   Accurate heating of dual sheets, on and off of overlapping curve and mechanic traction 
are ensured


DPP-250 DPP-140
Punching Frequency 20-30(time/min) 20-35(time/min)
Production Capacity 4.8-25104pills/h 2.4-12104pills/h
Standard Sheet 5780mm or designed according to user`s requirements 5780mm or designed according to user`s requirements
Travel 60-120mm optional 60-120mm optional
PVC Hard Slice (PVC) 0.25250mm 0.25140mm
PTP Al-Foil (PTP) 0.02250mm 0.02140mm
Total power 380v 50hz 6kw 380v 50hz 3.1kw
Weight 1400kg 800kg
Overall Dimensions 240006001560mm 21005501300mm

Air compressor

Provided For User Itself

Prov for userself

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